Paganistan Weekly – December 17-23

This is the penultimate issue of this newsletter. There will be one more publication on December 21, and that’s it.

This newsletter began as a way of promoting the Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group at  Since I began working with it, the Yahoo group has grown more then ten times larger. It went from being on the verge of being shut down to being the most active Pagan Yahoo group in Paganistan.

A lot has been reported in this newsletter. Looking through the archive, we have seen the creation of Paganicon our local Pagan conference, the creation of the Pagan Newswire collective, the opening and closing of our Pagan community center, The opening and closing of a metaphysical shop in Prior Lake, the moving of the Eye of Horus to its new location, Keys of Paradise moving to its new location, countless rituals, births, deaths, and the community coming together over and over. Many of these you heard about first through this outlet.

After Friday, it all ends and only those subscribed to the Yahoo group will continue to stay informed:

Paganistan Weekly; Major 2013 events


It’s that time of year when many of us are submitting our 2013 time off requests, or writing important dates in the new 2013 calendars which we purchased from our local metaphysical stores.

To help prepare for 2013, here’s a list of local events which are significant to many people in our community. There are many significant events not listed because they have not yet announced dates (i.e. not our fault)

February 1-2; North Star Tarot Conference:

February 14-18; Winter Witch Camp:

February 15-17; Con of the North:

March 1-3; MarsCon:

March 15-17; Paganicon

March 29-31; Minicon:

April 19-21; Anime Detour:

May 5; In the Heart of the Beast MayDay:

May 4; MN Scottish Fair and Highland Games:

May 24-26; Brit Con:

May 31; Climb Witch’s Hat Tower:

June 27-30; Northern Folk Gathering:

June 16-23; Earth House Midsummer Gather:

June; 4th St. Fantasy Convention:

June 28-30; AniMinneapolis:

June 29-30; Twin Cities GLBT Pride:

June 28-30 ; AniMinneapolis:

July 1-6; Faerie Spirit Gathering:

July 4-7; Convergence:

July 11-14; Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise:

August 2-4; Diversicon:

August 5-11; Sacred Harvest Festival:

August 17- September 29; Minnesota Renaissance Festival:

August 22- September 2; Minnesota State Fair:

August 30-September 1; Meta Con:

September 7; Twin Cities Pagan Pride:

October 18-20; Arcana 43:

December 25; Meals on Broomsticks:

Paganistan Weekly; December 10-16

Paganicon will be here before too long, March 15-17, 2013. Orion Foxwood and Brandy Williams will be the guests of honor at next year’s Paganicon. Orion Foxwood has previously visited the Twin Cities and presented at the Eye of Horus, developing a significant following. Brandy Williams has done significant work on feminism in magickal circles. Register at

Yule keeps coming earlier each year. The celebrations begin this Friday with a Solstice Blessing

The End is Near! It all ends on December 21, 2012! At least, that’s when I stop publishing this newsletter, so if you still want to stay informed, make sure you are a member of the Yahoo group at

Paganistan Weekly; December 3-9

December 21, this newsletter is done, unless someone else takes it over. After that, all information will still be available at so if you haven’t joined, don’t delay. The end is near.

The night of December 21 through the morning of December 22, The Eye of Horus will be hosting an all night fire circle. This event will combine the transformative power of an alchemical fire circle with the devotion of a Yule vigil, on a year ending the Mayan calendar. This is a spiritually and physically demanding event, but for those who are able, it has the potential of being life changing. Certainly it could be the beginning of a new tradition.

Circle of Dragons will begin a Year and a Day intensive course for Solitaires that would like the Pre-Initiate education given to Covener’s, without the necessity of joining a Coven, February, 2013. Space is extremely limited and all students will need to interview for this course. If you have any questions or would like more information please email circle_of_dragons@

Paganistan Weekly; November 12-18

Oak Gove Training Circle, based around the Gardnerian tradition, is now accepting applications for our 2013 Training Grove, for people over 21 years old. The Grove will meet approximately every other Friday. Please contact the Oak Grove at oakgrovempls@ for additional information

With this announcement, there are three covens who have announced within the last month that they are open to taking on students: Triskellion Wicca who can be contacted at for serious students, Coven of the Standing Stones who have just begun a series of seeker classes with the next at 6:30pm this Friday at Books & Herbs, and now Oak Grove. If you have been interested in learning about Wicca, this is the time.

Tuesday at from 3:35pm to 5:12pm, there will be a total solar eclipse which will only be visible in the south pacific, and we’ll get no hint seeing it here, so never mind.

Leonids Meteor Shower will be at its peak this Saturday.

Coldwater Springs is the last natural spring in Hennepin County. According to an article at, in the past 14 years, construction around the spring has decreased water flow by 69,000 Gallons Per Day. According to Susu Jeffrey, “With each development or ‘improvement’ around Coldwater the flow to this last natural spring, this ‘medicine water,’ is forever gone. There are consequences.”