Paganistan Weekly; December 3-9

December 21, this newsletter is done, unless someone else takes it over. After that, all information will still be available at so if you haven’t joined, don’t delay. The end is near.

The night of December 21 through the morning of December 22, The Eye of Horus will be hosting an all night fire circle. This event will combine the transformative power of an alchemical fire circle with the devotion of a Yule vigil, on a year ending the Mayan calendar. This is a spiritually and physically demanding event, but for those who are able, it has the potential of being life changing. Certainly it could be the beginning of a new tradition.

Circle of Dragons will begin a Year and a Day intensive course for Solitaires that would like the Pre-Initiate education given to Covener’s, without the necessity of joining a Coven, February, 2013. Space is extremely limited and all students will need to interview for this course. If you have any questions or would like more information please email circle_of_dragons@