Eye of Horus: call 612-872-1292  or use the online appointment booking site for reservations.

Magus Books & Herbs: call 612-379-7669 for reservations. $1 per minute
Monday: 6pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Melanie
Tuesday: 5pm-9pm; Palmistry by Heather
Wednesday: 5pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Lori
Thursday: 5pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Annie
Friday: 5pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Annie
Saturday: 11am-6pm; Tarot Readings by Lori
Sunday: 2pm-5pm; Palmistry by Heather

Call to Schedule: Shiatsu Massage by Mela

Herbal Consults by Liz

Shadow Lights Minnesota: call 952-261-8784 for reservations.
Wednesday: 1pm-5pm; Tarot Readings by Annie

Earth & Water Wellness
Psychic Readings, Animal Communication and Past Life Regression.
Appointment call Marie Savage 612-508-9606

Komonda Karen Nelson call 612-275-2719 for reservations
Tarot or Stones Reading and Past Life Regression Guide

Sherry L.M. Merriam is a local Pagan psychotherapist who is accepting of Pagans,
GLBT, and all kinds of kink/poly/BDSM/etc.

JD WildFlower – Psychic Medium / Reiki Master –
At the WildFlower Center For Inspired Living, we provide consultations, classes, products and tools to help you connect to your “inner spirit” or authentic self to help you live inspired.