Pagan Clergy

Wisconsin doesn’t register clergy.  That means that, if you are ordained somewhere else and are a Wisconsin resident, your license is accepted there.  If you are not a Wisconsin resident you need to obtain Letter of Sponsorship from a Wisconsin clergy person of your faith.

Iowa and Illinois are similar to Wisconsin, but their interpretation is if you’re ordained somewhere else, you are considered a leader in your faith and are allowed to practice in those two states.  

If you’re licensed in any other state, you HAVE to register in Minnesota to practice, there.

Ken Ra & Liz. of Triskellion;; registered Ministers available for Handfastings, Weddings Funerals Healings and Life changes in general.

an tSruith Andrew Jacob of Temple of the River;; Iron Age style Celtic wedding ceremonies, modern handfastings, more eclectic ceremonies, funerals, healing ceremonies, house cleansings and other ceremonies and charms

John Bradley, ordained by WiCoM;; weddings, handfastings or rites of passage

Emrys Anu (aka Penny);; all kinds of services, includingl counseling for families in crisis or traumatic situations

Jaimie Zaugg;; weddings, handfastings, and wiccanings

Shelly Tomtschik; 952-239-8961;; weddings, handfastings, and wiccanings

Rev. Bradley Murphey; registered in the State of MN as Wiccan Clergy

Teresa (aka Tree); registered in the State of MN as Wiccan Clergy

David Schaal;; an ecumenical minister with 20+ years as a Pagan ritualist; available for legal weddings and any other rites of passage except for funerals

John Stitely;
legal weddings, handfastings, funerals, wiccanings, or other duties

Christa Landon;; 763-493-3634; weddings and ceremonies of holy union (gay weddings), funerals/memorial services, child “dedications” or wiccanings or other kinds of child blessings, divorce rituals, initiations, Community Mediation and Divorce Mediation.

Ciaran Benson;; ordained Shinto Priest and Wiccan minister; prayers and purifications, hand-fastings, weddings, birth and naming rituals, funerals, and other rites of passage, legal weddings and funerals in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota and Premarital and couples counseling with a focus on Shinto and Neo-Shinto beliefs, handfasting and partnership recognition and blessing services to couples of any faith or gender.

Chris Braun;;  legal Weddings, Handfastings, Handparting ritual, Wiccaning

Reverend Phillip A.Hutchens, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Druid.  612.599.9136  Weddings, Handfastings, Funerals, Rites of passage, Blessings, Spiritual direction, Chaplaincy/Hospital visitation
Jay Hatlen Linnell  Blue Star Wiccan priest; Available for weddings and handfastings.

Ari (Jeff); 612-718-3752;; handfastings and legal marriages

Rev. Gina Micek (Correllian Tradition) – 415-599-6145/ — Coaching/Spiritual counseling/Akashic Record/Psychic work/Ritual Facilitation & Energy/manifestation for business/persons

Steven Posch
Priest, ritualist, teacher, lecturer, storyteller
*Seasonal Rituals*Rites of Passage: baby-naming, coming-of-age, handfasting, house-blessing, end-of-life
*Extensive knowledge of pagan and non-pagan traditions
*30+ years experience leading public ritual
“Steven Posch is one of Pagandom’s top ritualists.” (Macha Nightmare)
Posch has been a registered clergyman (Covenant of the Goddess) in the state of Minnesota since 1983.

Cindy Carter, Brian and Pam Silverain, Bob Hurston,  Estelle Daniels, Cyd Green Witch, Cyd, 

MCoW;  Mary, Hillary and Ed, and Iden

CoG or Brothers of the Earth; Gary Lingen

Susu Jeffries,  Chad Kelly Mark Digatono

In St. Cloud:   Lynn Williams;   legally registered ordained minister

wedding ceremonies, pre-marital counseling, hand fasts, crisis counseling, grief support, and GLBT friendly ceremonies.