Paganistan Weekly; Major 2013 events


It’s that time of year when many of us are submitting our 2013 time off requests, or writing important dates in the new 2013 calendars which we purchased from our local metaphysical stores.

To help prepare for 2013, here’s a list of local events which are significant to many people in our community. There are many significant events not listed because they have not yet announced dates (i.e. not our fault)

February 1-2; North Star Tarot Conference:

February 14-18; Winter Witch Camp:

February 15-17; Con of the North:

March 1-3; MarsCon:

March 15-17; Paganicon

March 29-31; Minicon:

April 19-21; Anime Detour:

May 5; In the Heart of the Beast MayDay:

May 4; MN Scottish Fair and Highland Games:

May 24-26; Brit Con:

May 31; Climb Witch’s Hat Tower:

June 27-30; Northern Folk Gathering:

June 16-23; Earth House Midsummer Gather:

June; 4th St. Fantasy Convention:

June 28-30; AniMinneapolis:

June 29-30; Twin Cities GLBT Pride:

June 28-30 ; AniMinneapolis:

July 1-6; Faerie Spirit Gathering:

July 4-7; Convergence:

July 11-14; Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise:

August 2-4; Diversicon:

August 5-11; Sacred Harvest Festival:

August 17- September 29; Minnesota Renaissance Festival:

August 22- September 2; Minnesota State Fair:

August 30-September 1; Meta Con:

September 7; Twin Cities Pagan Pride:

October 18-20; Arcana 43:

December 25; Meals on Broomsticks: