Paganistan Weekly – December 17-23

This is the penultimate issue of this newsletter. There will be one more publication on December 21, and that’s it.

This newsletter began as a way of promoting the Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group at  Since I began working with it, the Yahoo group has grown more then ten times larger. It went from being on the verge of being shut down to being the most active Pagan Yahoo group in Paganistan.

A lot has been reported in this newsletter. Looking through the archive, we have seen the creation of Paganicon our local Pagan conference, the creation of the Pagan Newswire collective, the opening and closing of our Pagan community center, The opening and closing of a metaphysical shop in Prior Lake, the moving of the Eye of Horus to its new location, Keys of Paradise moving to its new location, countless rituals, births, deaths, and the community coming together over and over. Many of these you heard about first through this outlet.

After Friday, it all ends and only those subscribed to the Yahoo group will continue to stay informed:

4 thoughts on “Paganistan Weekly – December 17-23

  1. witch33 says:

    So sad to see you’s all go and the wonderful information you’s have shared with many of us not even in your comminities. You’s will be missed. I’m on your mailing list so I hope to continue to recieve Terri’s weekly report and other news.

    Blessings to you’s all on the steps on your next journeys.

  2. Nels Linde says:

    The PNC-MN, and most of our features aren’t going anywhere. The publication of the content of TCPagans as a separate feature: Paganistan Weekly and the event calendar summary, are ending.

  3. christacuups says:

    This is too important to the local community to let die.

    I’ll continue the Paganistan Weekly feature; who sends it out on the list?

    JRobb, I just want to check, are you continuing to manage, or do you need to make me or someone else a manager for it?

    My number is 763-493-3634.

    Have a splendid solstice!

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