Paganistan Weekly; November 12-18

Oak Gove Training Circle, based around the Gardnerian tradition, is now accepting applications for our 2013 Training Grove, for people over 21 years old. The Grove will meet approximately every other Friday. Please contact the Oak Grove at oakgrovempls@ for additional information

With this announcement, there are three covens who have announced within the last month that they are open to taking on students: Triskellion Wicca who can be contacted at for serious students, Coven of the Standing Stones who have just begun a series of seeker classes with the next at 6:30pm this Friday at Books & Herbs, and now Oak Grove. If you have been interested in learning about Wicca, this is the time.

Tuesday at from 3:35pm to 5:12pm, there will be a total solar eclipse which will only be visible in the south pacific, and we’ll get no hint seeing it here, so never mind.

Leonids Meteor Shower will be at its peak this Saturday.

Coldwater Springs is the last natural spring in Hennepin County. According to an article at, in the past 14 years, construction around the spring has decreased water flow by 69,000 Gallons Per Day. According to Susu Jeffrey, “With each development or ‘improvement’ around Coldwater the flow to this last natural spring, this ‘medicine water,’ is forever gone. There are consequences.”