Paganistan Weekly Aug.2-8th



6pm Metaphysical Discussion Group at Java J’s Coffee Shop;

6pm weekly Community Potluck at the Sacred Paths Center followed at 7pm by Shamanic Journey Practice for those who know how to journey and want a safe
place to practice.

7pm Mindful Mondays (meditation) mvanavery@yahoo. com for details


7pm Energy Healers Chat & Play Social at J & S Bean Factory

7pm Wild Hunt Staving Group at the Sacred Paths Center

7pm Minneapolis Crones;

7pm South Side Intuitive Practice Group;


6:30pm Coffee Cauldron at the Edge Coffeehouse (formerly the Artist Grind) and around the corner from the Sacred Paths Center (people tend to meander between the two)

6:30pm Minnesota Heathens Moot at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe

7:30pm Twin Cities Witches Meetup at Common Roots Café;


7pm Mentoring Elders Program at the Sacred Paths Center

10pm Parasota; or


6:30pm Witch Craft Night…you don’t have to be a Witch to Craft! at the Sacred Paths Center

7pm All Nations Drumming Circle at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community;


Cross Quarter (Lughnasad) at 9:45am

1pm Pagan Professional Networking Group at the Sacred Paths Center

3pm Book Signing with author Scott Stenwick at Magus Books


11:30am Tarot Progressions: Intermediate Tarot – 3 Sessions w/ Chuck Boe at the Eye of Horus;

1pm Intuitive Mastery Circle;

1pm Lughnassad ADF Ritual in Osseo, MN; for location info, call 715-864-2642 or Email:

2 thoughts on “Paganistan Weekly Aug.2-8th

  1. Sparky T. Rabbit says:

    I became aware of this site from reading “The Wild Hunt” blog. It’s great to see all the information here about the many Pagan activies in the Minneapolis area.

    I noticed, while reading thru the site, that you often use the popular local term “Paganistan” for your neck of the woods. I understand that no explanation for this usage is needed among the local community, but people from all over the county–or the world–can come here to see your site, and they do not necessarily have the context for this term.

    It would make sense to see an explanation of “Paganistan” listed on the site and credit given to Steven Posch, the local elder who coined the term in the first place. Actually, if you are using professional journalism standards, an explanation for such a localized expression would be given in each article using it.

    Sparky T. Rabbit

    • Nels Linde says:

      Thank you Mr. Rabbit,
      The content of “Paganistan Weekly” (and Community Notes) is supplied under that name by Twin Cities Pagans who have granted permission to PNC-MN to use the content, specifically without credit. It is compiled and published as a community service under that name, and for unlimited distribution. A Google search presents information on the definition and origins of the word “Paganistan” for a national audience. Use in a “hard” news story is probably best accompanied with a reference link, as in blog tradition.
      If you, or someone with authoritative knowledge on the origins and usage of “Paganistan” wish to write an article regarding it, PNC-Minnesota would be grateful. I first recollect it as applied to a camping area adjacent to “Babylon Heights” at Pagan Spirit Gathering 20 some years ago, but am not an authority.

      Nels Linde

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