Paganistan Weekly; June 4-10

The Walker Community United Methodist Church burned down. This was a gathering place for many progressive groups, and its loss is mourned by many in our community. You can read more about it at

Transit of Venus is Tuesday. This wont happen again in your lifetime. There will be a gathering in Powderhorn Park at 6:30 to note this significant event.
Transit Begins at 5:04 pm
Ingress Interior Contact 5:22pm
Transit Center 8:27pm
Sunset at 8:57pm (viewing ends for us)
Egress Interior Contact 11:32pm
Transit ends: 11:50pm

The Eye of the Boar coven will be featuring a singing bowl workshop this Saturday at their monthly free healing Circle. Stop by the Eye of Horus Saturday between 7pm & 9pm to experience these good vibrations.
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Local Pagans offer Podcasts

Several area Pagans are producing podcasts. These are sometimes live with call in options, and sometimes prerecorded. The subject matter is wide, and may be of interest to Pagan listeners. Your best bet is to look these up and bookmark upcoming shows that may be of interest to you!  There are doubtless others out there, but I was able to briefly talk with the host of most of these.

Edge Mysteries & Beyond” with Joseph A. Amara   – Third Saturday of each month 3-4pm

Join Joseph A. Amara, one of the owners of Magus Books, as he discusses the Mysteries of life and spirituality that serve to bring wonder and meaning into our lives. He will highlight new and popular book titles, as well as answer listener questions and conduct interviews with luminaries in the fields of Magick and Mysticism. Joseph, “The show is pretty open ended. We explore ‘Mystery’ which is a wide field. It is a mix of lectures and will begin some interview shows. People can call, or  ‘chat’  in, during the broadcast. Upcoming topics are Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, and Alchemy”

Sit a Spell with Lisa Lee – Every Wednesday night at 6PM CST

Sit a Spell is broadcast from ‘Heaven and Earth Essentials’ in Sauk Center, MN. The show includes both prerecorded and call in shows. The show appears on some FM radio stations nationally.Learn new spells, find out what the craft is really all about all while getting the latest news and reviews about topics that matter to us. The show blends an eclectic mix of conversation, interviews, and live events with recipes and rituals to empower the divine within. Lisa said the focus of the show is, “Empowering people, building them up. Making them feel strong and loved. Trying to displel all the negative stereotypes out there about ‘witches’. I am all about helping our community and what interests people, and am open to show ideas! ”

Circle Craft Study with Selena FoxLive on Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm central time.
The show will include instruction, invocation, guided meditation, and a time for discussion & call-ins.
Call in number: (347) 308-8222. Shows also will be available for later listening on-line archives at the Pagans Tonight Radio Network site on Blog Talk Radio.

Other upcoming shows include:

Tuesday, April 10: Renewal with the Green Man
Green Man lore, magic & meditation for personal and planetary well-being.

Tuesday, April 17: Earth Day Ritual & Mother Earth Communion
Celebrate Earth Day with this guided ritual & meditation.

Tuesday, April 24: Celebrating Beltane
Old & new ways of bringing in the May. Creating personal & group Beltane rites.

Tuesday, May 1: Beltane Magic
Guided Beltane inner journey & ritual for creativity & inner growth.

The Great North Pagan Podcast  is a monthly broadcast from the Fargo-Moorehead area. Lion Lord produces episodes with an occaisional special broadcast of rituals or other events. The episodes (audio) and special events (video) are available on Youtube.   Lion Lord,  “Content is recorded and uploaded, but we have plans to offer some live podcasts in the future. We have covered the many shops in the area, covered paranormal phenomena, and Pagan rights. In a recent episode we discussed Paganism in the media and Hollywood. We also cover rituals and rites, and did a special of Pagan caroling. We broadcasted live a Ombolc ritual which is also available online.”

Bridging the Gap  – with WildflowerFirst Thursdays each month at 8pm Central 

is an ‘as scheduled ‘ podcast to explore bridging the gap between metaphysics, success, and self-discovery. The show is sometimes live, sometimes recorded. Hosted by Wildflower the show both explores metaphysics and also offers tips for things to take away and apply in your personal life. Wildflower, “Listeners will gain new insights and tools to implement these. I recently interviewed Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of the show Ancient Aliens from the History channel, a very interesting discussion.”

On the Edge…of Everything” with SchaOn & CathySecond Sunday of each month 11am-1pm

Join SchaOn and Cathy – as well as a Special Guest – as they talk about the latest news and updates in Holistic Health care .  SchaOn, “ It is a live show with call ins. We talk with a local guest or have an interview about what is happening in our society that affects people’s health. We make the connection between those things that may negatively impact our health and so also impact our spirituality, practice, and capabilities. Good health also involves caring for the Earth and our bodies, and so we ask the questions and seek answers for ourselves about what is best for both.”

Visit Edgetalk radio for several other offerings that Pagans might find interesting!

Nels Linde

Paganistan Weekly; September 20-26

TC Pagan pride is next weekend!



MONDAY; September 20

6pm weekly Community Potluck at the Sacred Paths Center followed at 7pm by Shamanic Journey Practice for those who know how to journey and want a safe place to practice.

6pm Minnesota Metaphysical Book Club at Java J’s Coffee Shop

7pm Mindful Mondays (meditation) mvanavery@yahoo. com for details

TUESDAY; September 21:

United Nations’ International Day of Peace

Pre-Registration Deadline for WiCoM First Degree Series; Contact

7pm Old Craft Discussion Group at the Eye of Horus

7pm Druid Grove Gather at Merlins Rest Pub

7pm Sacred Sexuality at BLISS One Consciousness Temple
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Community Notes – September 13-19


You can serve your community October 10 as the Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance gathers to clean up an adopted stretch of I-35E. It is so great that drivers along the interstate see that local Pagans are gathering to clean up a bit of nature.

TC Pagan Pride has lots of new information up at their website. You can now check out their programming schedule, vendors list, and more. It should be a great Pagan Pride event at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community September 25 & 26.

For those of you looking for instruction, and an opportunity for a first degree initiation, the Wiccan Church of Minnesota is about to start a series of classes. Contact for more information.

The local Pagan Newswire Collective bureau has been doing a wonderful job of covering events for the local community. If you have not yet subscribed, it’s definitely worth it.

Paganistan Weekly; September 13-19


MONDAY; September 13

  • 6pm weekly Community Potluck at the Sacred Paths Center followed by 7pm Reiki Circle at the Sacred Paths Center where good energy is sent to those who need it
  • 7pm Mindful Mondays (meditation) mvanavery@yahoo. com for details
  • 8pm Freyja Study Group; Contact Sara at: for directions
  • 8pm Introduction to Thelema at the Eye of Horus;

TUESDAY; September 14