Community Notes; August 23-29

  • Isaac Bonewits passed from this plane on August 12. His influence will live on.


  • This year’s wonderful Sacred Harvest Fest had an attendance of 299 people, including 42 who came in Saturday for Ken Ra’s Grandfathering ritual (a truly moving experience for someone who deserves to be honored). Next year’s festival will be August 6-14, 2011, and the theme will be “Dreaming the Fae”.


  • You can read more about the Sacred Harvest festival and other local Pagan stories of interest at the Minnesota Bureau of the Pagan Newswire Collective. You can subscribe and have new stories sent to your inbox. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

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Community Notes August 9-22

  • If you want to recycle your old Pagan stuff, you can donate it to the Sacred Paths Center for their No Need to Panic Fundraiser! They will be auctioning off items Monday August 30, so check your basements before then.