Community Notes Aug.2-8th

Friday, Eye of Horus Metaphysical Store signed the lease on a 2650 Sq Ft Space at 3012 Lyndale Avenue South, right next to Smitten Kitten and two doors away from ZRS Fossils. They’re still working out the details, but the move is expected in October. Stop in to their old location to congratulate them and buytheir stuff to fund their move.

The SacredPaths Center is extending the drawing for their Emerald Goddess statue. They will now draw on August 30, during their big “annual”
No-Need-To-Panic Fundraiser.

Event organizers are constantly confirming that people show up at their events because of this newsletter. By far most people show up because of word of mouth
and direct efforts on the part of the organizers, but this newsletter does have a notable impact on overall attendance. So organizers, please keep us informed
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