Paganistan Weekly – July 26-August 1


  • MONDAY; July 26

6pm weekly Community Potluck at the Sacred Paths Center followed by 7pm Reiki Circle at the Sacred Paths Center where good energy is sent to those who need it

7pm Mindful Mondays (meditation) mvanavery@yahoo. com for details

  • TUESDAY; July 27

7pm Energy Healers Chat & Play Social at J & S Bean Factory

7pm Twin Cities Tarot Meetup at the Eye of Horus

  • WEDNESDAY; July 28

6:30pm Minnesota Heathens Moot at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe

7pm OPERATION GYNOCRACY: A 1 Night Stand With 12 Women at Black Dog Café;

7pm North Side Intuitive Practice Group

  • THURSDAY; July 29

7pm Mentoring Elders Program Monthly Feast at the Sacred Paths Center

  • FRIDAY; July 30

6:30pm Witch Craft Night…you don’t have to be a Witch to Craft! at the Sacred Paths Center

7pm All Nations Drumming Circle at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

7:30pm Sunset at Richardson Nature Center

  • SATURDAY; July 31

9am Bread Making

1pm Photo Journaling at the Sacred Paths Center

3pm Lughnasad – First Fruits Harvest at 36th Street and West River Road, follow the path to a clearing in the woods

3:30pm Our Lady of Celestial Fire– Public Kronia Sabbat at Hidden Falls Park

6:30pm WiCoM Public Lammas Ritual at the Sacred Paths Center

  • SUNDAY; August 1

12pm Our Lady of Celestial Fire Basic Classes at Black Bear Crossing;

12pm Lúnasa Festival with Temple of the River at Boom Island Park

courtesy of the Paganistan Weekly