Community Notes – July 2010

Grace Morgan is out of the hospital and expressing thanks to everyone who sent her healing energy after her aneurysm. She said that while one group was performing a healing ceremony, her ex was listening to her “’babble’, but then I suddenly ‘came to’  and said something about an Energy Burst I had just felt!” She continued, “The quilt that you all took time and effort to create brought tears of gratitude to all of you for wanting to help me get better.” Hopefully good healing energy will continue to be sent to Grace and her recovery will keep progressing quickly.

The Eye of Horus has announced plans to move! The new location should be even better for our local community. If you want to support them in this wonderful move forward, go to 2717 Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis and buy their stuff.

On August 11th, the Minnesota Heathens Moot will be moving to the 42 Avenue Station. They’ll try it out, and see if this location is convenient for more people.

Wendy Rule will be returning to Paganistan! She’ll be performing at Patrick’s Cabaret on the evening of Sunday September 12th with Kari Tauring opening the show.

The latest issue of Spellcraft Features an article by local artist Paul Rucker and is available at Magus Books & Herbs

Don’t forget to sign up for Sacred Harvest Festival:

Twin Cities Pagan Pride is looking for presenters! (September 24th and 25th, 2010 at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis) They are seeking panels, workshops, and rituals of interest to those unfamiliar with or very new to Paganism. Find out more about programming proposals here.

More detailed and involved workshop and presentation topics would be a great fit for Twin Cities Pagan Pride’s new event, a spring conference called Paganicon (March 25th-27th at the Doubletree Park Place in St. Louis Park: for more information, click here.

If you’d be willing to help make any Twin Cities Pagan events happen, they have all sorts of volunteer possibilities available: everything from an hour of easy work to possible board positions. Current tasks they’re especially looking for are help with publicity, marketing, and day-of event help. Check out their website and sign up for our email list (lefthand sidebar), and with any questions.