Eye of Horus joins MNUnited.org

On Wednesday, September 26, the Eye of Horus Metaphysical shop announced through its Facebook page:

“Eye of Horus, as an organization, has officially joined the coalition of Minnesotans United for All Families. Owned by life-partners Thraicie Hawkner and Jane Hansen, they felt the Eye should take a stand for the spirituality and freedom of all.”

Jane shares her thoughts

We know there may be some of you who disagree or who think we shouldn’t “get involved with politics,” but we don’t think of this as a political issue. It is about human rights. At Eye of Horus, we have sought, since our inception, to create a safe place for people of alternative religious views or spiritual paths. It’s our welcoming “vibe” that people like so much.

We consider ourselves privileged and blessed to live in a state and in a city which allows us to support alternative beliefs, create rituals, and sacred spaces like our labyrinth to honor the earth and spirits of this land without hindrance. We don’t tell people what to believe, but we do hold the space which allows for the full expression of Spirit.

In fact, Thraicie and I held our hand-fasting/marriage ceremony in the 2nd floor gallery of the old Eye of Horus location over seven years ago. Our union was blessed by a Priest and Priestess of our faith, and witnessed and celebrated by our birth-families. Although we still don’t have access to the same rights as a legally married couple, it was not unconstitutional, and we can continue to hope that the laws will expand to provide us with the full rights and responsibilities of other couples.

In this time of year, so close to Samhain, I think of the ancestors who have lived here before, whose bones rest in Minnesota, including the Native Two-spirit people and my 2nd generation Norwegian father who gave his blessing to my marriage with Thraicie. It is an affront to them and to the land they have become a part of to insult them by changing the state constitution.

I’m voting NO on the Constitutional Amendment to ban marriage for same-sex couples. By doing so, I hold the space known as Minnesota as sacred space for ALL peoples and their families.

~Jane Hansen

CEO/Creative Director

Eye of Horus, Inc.

We’ve joined over 650 coalition partners


Nels Linde

A Weekend, and interview, with T Thorn Coyle

Popular author, musician, and speaker T Thorn Coyle is traveling the continent signing copies of her most recent book, Kissing the Limitless, giving talks and teaching workshops.  This weekend, she comes to the Twin Cities.   PNC-Minnesota caught up with this busy and dynamic mystic to talk about her Paganistan weekend.

What:  Bringing Intention into Action
When:  Friday May 27th 7-8PM
Where:  Eye of Horus
Cost:  Free talk and book signing

What:  Weekend workshop intensive, Your Divine Work
When:  Saturday May 28th – Sunday May 29th
Where:  Eye of Horus
Cost:  $150 – registration needed

T Thorn CoylePNC-Minnesota:  How did it happen that you are coming to the Twin Cities for the workshop and book signing?

T Thorn Coyle:  The Twin Cities are home to many people who have studied with me over the years, or whom I’ve worked magic with in various ways. The thriving community in the area has always been very welcoming to me and I’ve been coming here off and on since my first book “Evolutionary Witchcraft” was published. Last time I was out, I taught at Sacred Paths Center in St. Paul, and gave a talk at Eye of Horus. At the time, Jane expressed interest in having me back out to teach at Eye of Horus itself.

PNC-Minnesota:  I know you’ve been very busy traveling lately, but will you be able to sightsee while in the Twin Cities? Going to any of our Sacred Spots, visiting the Celtic temple, or the Pagan Community Center?

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Eye of Horus Hosts Artisan Fair

Pagans looking for Winter Solstice gifts have a unique opportunity this Sunday when Eye of Horus hosts an artisan fair. Local artists, artisans, and hand-crafters will set up their wares in Eye’s new classroom space and will also be on hand to talk with shoppers about their art. PNC-Minnesota spoke with a few of the artists and artisans taking part in this ‘shop within a shop’ fair.

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Interviews and more information after the break:

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De-Stress After Black Friday Shopping at the Eye

Although none of the metaphysical shops in the Twin Cities we contacted are having Black Friday sales, Eye of Horus is doing something special tonight to help shoppers de-stress from the battle for bargains.

Author Gede Parma

Author Gede Parma is at the Eye of Horus to discuss and sign his book, BY LAND, SKY AND SEA: THREE REALMS OF SHAMANIC WITCHCRAFT , tonight starting at7:30pm.

The book introduces the ancient Celtic trinity of land, sky, and sea, while exploring its associated Greek, Hawaiian, Hindu, Stregheria, and Wiccan customs.   Parma helps you develop basic magick skills in breath work, grounding and centering, omen walks, and celebrating the body through dance.  The book lays out methods for expanding consciousness and working with energy, including astral projection, clairvoyance, and aura balancing, and ultimately enact shamanistic practices of trance, vision journeying, channeling, and oracle reading.

In addition to the book signing and discussion, Parma is teaching a workshop on Trance & Pagan Gnosis on Saturday afternoon for $35, and will be available for readings Saturday evening.