Eye of Horus Hosts Artisan Fair

Pagans looking for Winter Solstice gifts have a unique opportunity this Sunday when Eye of Horus hosts an artisan fair. Local artists, artisans, and hand-crafters will set up their wares in Eye’s new classroom space and will also be on hand to talk with shoppers about their art. PNC-Minnesota spoke with a few of the artists and artisans taking part in this ‘shop within a shop’ fair.

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Interviews and more information after the break:

Meredith Dillman is an artist and illustrator living in Minnesota. Mostly using watercolors, she paints fairies, woodland creatures and other fantasy and medieval themes. You may recognize her work from RPG games or from her recently illustrated book Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy from Walter Foster.

Meredith says that artisan fairs like this are vital for artists as they are, “a great chance for artists to have their work seen by people who might not have otherwise.”

She’s especially glad to be taking part in the artisan fair at the Eye because niche artists have a more difficult time getting the word out about what they do. “The Twin Cities have an abundance or summer art fairs, but still not many that cater to specific interests like the Pagan community or people interested in fantasy art or illustration. Big art fairs might be popular, but it’s hard for artists whose work isn’t mainstream to fit in there. I think it’s great that the Eye of Horus is doing this fair and hopefully, it won’t be the last one!”

Babette Sicard, better known as Mugwort Maggie, will also be there with a table featuring her magical scent blends and her popular eco-friendly laundry soaps. She looks forward to events like this so she can meet her customers and their feedback helps her to improve her products. “I can answer questions, and get feedback on products. Sometimes I’m even asked about minor problems that can usually be taken care of quickly with a simple salve, or herbal remedy. I tend to add those remedies to my offerings so I have it the next time someone needs it. In that sense fairs like this help me to become a better herbalist.”

Other than her customers, Babette says she draws her inspiration from, “Nature and Need, my children, and the plants I find at my feet.”

Most of the artists, crafters, and artisans plan to be at the fair for most of the day. Other vendors include jewelry by Amy Purdes of Sprite Creations and Jules Mohr of Mohr Creations.

Jane Hansen, co-owner of Eye of Horus says everyone is welcome Sunday, December 12th, “to meet some great local talent and pick up a truly unique gift!”