A Weekend, and interview, with T Thorn Coyle

Popular author, musician, and speaker T Thorn Coyle is traveling the continent signing copies of her most recent book, Kissing the Limitless, giving talks and teaching workshops.  This weekend, she comes to the Twin Cities.   PNC-Minnesota caught up with this busy and dynamic mystic to talk about her Paganistan weekend.

What:  Bringing Intention into Action
When:  Friday May 27th 7-8PM
Where:  Eye of Horus
Cost:  Free talk and book signing

What:  Weekend workshop intensive, Your Divine Work
When:  Saturday May 28th – Sunday May 29th
Where:  Eye of Horus
Cost:  $150 – registration needed

T Thorn CoylePNC-Minnesota:  How did it happen that you are coming to the Twin Cities for the workshop and book signing?

T Thorn Coyle:  The Twin Cities are home to many people who have studied with me over the years, or whom I’ve worked magic with in various ways. The thriving community in the area has always been very welcoming to me and I’ve been coming here off and on since my first book “Evolutionary Witchcraft” was published. Last time I was out, I taught at Sacred Paths Center in St. Paul, and gave a talk at Eye of Horus. At the time, Jane expressed interest in having me back out to teach at Eye of Horus itself.

PNC-Minnesota:  I know you’ve been very busy traveling lately, but will you be able to sightsee while in the Twin Cities? Going to any of our Sacred Spots, visiting the Celtic temple, or the Pagan Community Center?

T Thorn Coyle:  Since I travel so much, it is often hard for me to make the decision to spend extra time in any one place, so I will miss out on these things. In the past, I have seen more of Minnesota, and must say that it is beautiful, despite the biting ladybugs, which I understand are interlopers!

PNC-Minnesota:  Those are actually Asian beetles and unless you want to start a long and heated rant, don’t bring them up to people while you’re in Minnesota.  You’re coming to teach a workshop, what would you say your ‘style’ is when leading a workshop?

T Thorn Coyle:  Workshops are always a mixture of experience and theory. I try to get people singing, dancing, and moving when possible, mostly because I find that I learn best if my body is engaged, and most other people do as well. But intellectual engagement offers context for the work at hand, so there is always time for questions, writing, and sometimes I end up expounding a bit, particularly when I feel that there is a question several layers beneath the one that actually got asked! Guided meditation, energy work, and some kick-ass ritual are usually also involved.

PNC-Minnesota:  What should students do to prepare to get the most out of the workshop?

T Thorn Coyle:  For the weekend workshop, it would be helpful to participants if they spent at least one meditation session with the question: “What is my soul’s desire?” Just opening to this question helps us delve into the possibility of our divine work in the world.

The evening talk on will and autonomy just requires that people actually show up!

PNC-Minnesota:  You’ll be signing copies of the book at the free one hour talk on Friday.  After people read your book, Kissing the Limitless, what is the most common response back to you about what they read?

T Thorn Coyle:  The responses vary, of course, but after reading “Kissing the Limitless” many people tell me that the work has come at just the right time, when they were looking to deepen their practice and move more fully toward their own integration. Spiritual seekers all reach a point where it is time to stop testing the waters and dive fully in to whatever system they are using. People have reported over and over that the work in “Kissing the Limitless” has helped them to face some demons and open more fully to their power and to their connection to their Gods, practices, and to the limitless sacred flow. We can become fully human and fully divine – just sensing that possibility can be a very exciting thing.

PNC-Minnesota:  The talk that you are giving, how is that different from the workshop? Should people attend both?

T Thorn Coyle:  The talk and workshop will be quite different, though there is always overlap in my work. Friday evening I will be speaking on Autonomy and Will and how committing to self and practice will lead to greater freedom and effectiveness in our lives. We will touch on a tool I’ve developed – the Pentacle of Autonomy, which is also known as the Warrior’s Pentacle – and do some energetic work with that. This is perfect preparation for the weekend’s offering of “Your Divine Work” so if people can attend both, that is ideal, though not necessary. “Your Divine Work” explores the ways in which will and commitment flow into what is sometimes called True Will, or “The Work of This God.” Other topics are: resistance to our deeper calling, sensing the pull of destiny on our soul, negotiating with ancestors, and finding help from our Gods.

PNC-Minnesota:  It sounds like you pack quite a bit into this workshop.  Where are you off to next?

T Thorn Coyle:  Next month I’m presenting at Oasis: a Midsummer Retreat for People of the Earth at Fox Lake, IL with a lot of other great teachers, musicians and ritual artists. It should offer some spiritual sustenance and much needed rest and rejuvenation for people. The Earth Traditions community is organizing.  Follow this link and click on the glass of lemonade!  After that, I’m off to Canada to teach “Turn on Your (Psychic) Light.”

PNC-Minnesota:  Thank you, Thorn, for talking some time to talk with us.  We hope you enjoy your time in Minnesota.

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