De-Stress After Black Friday Shopping at the Eye

Although none of the metaphysical shops in the Twin Cities we contacted are having Black Friday sales, Eye of Horus is doing something special tonight to help shoppers de-stress from the battle for bargains.

Author Gede Parma

Author Gede Parma is at the Eye of Horus to discuss and sign his book, BY LAND, SKY AND SEA: THREE REALMS OF SHAMANIC WITCHCRAFT , tonight starting at7:30pm.

The book introduces the ancient Celtic trinity of land, sky, and sea, while exploring its associated Greek, Hawaiian, Hindu, Stregheria, and Wiccan customs.   Parma helps you develop basic magick skills in breath work, grounding and centering, omen walks, and celebrating the body through dance.  The book lays out methods for expanding consciousness and working with energy, including astral projection, clairvoyance, and aura balancing, and ultimately enact shamanistic practices of trance, vision journeying, channeling, and oracle reading.

In addition to the book signing and discussion, Parma is teaching a workshop on Trance & Pagan Gnosis on Saturday afternoon for $35, and will be available for readings Saturday evening.