Pass the Turkey or Just Pass?

With Thanksgiving Day just a few days away we wanted to know how our local Pagan community feels about the holiday. The best gauge of how a group feels is to see what they do. Are you spending the day stuffing yourself and focusing on all that you have to be grateful for? Do you not celebrate due to what happened to the native Tribes in the years after the famed first Thanksgiving day? The poll questions below are in random order, please choose the one that best describes what your plans are for Thursday.

Feel free to comment on what this holiday means to you and why you celebrate it, observe something different, or do nothing.

5 thoughts on “Pass the Turkey or Just Pass?

  1. JRob says:

    My thanksgiving was in September, and called Mabon. I will be working this Thursday, although I will be enjoying a fun feast which will include a bird after work, because I like any excuse to feast. On December 31, 1999, Larry King asked the Dali Lama if he would be celebrating new year’s. The Dali Lama replied, “Of course! i celebrate every day!”

  2. Erynn says:

    I don’t celebrate “thanksgiving” per se because of what that particular legal entity stands for, but any excuse for turkey is a good one for me. I celebrate “turkey day” instead and usually just eat with friends if I can.

  3. Jennifer Moore says:

    I do not observe this holiday, due to my sympathy with the First Nations. My partner is 1/8 Mohawk and feels the same way.

    Some years, we do go hang out with family on that day, but this year I will be treating it as a normal day off and concentrating on the care of my home, some baking, and working on my online business.

  4. Laura says:

    I celebrate Thanksgiving as just that — a day of giving thanks to the Gods and landwights for a good harvest. You will find no “pilgrims” or “Indians” referenced anywhere in my celebrations. (“pilgrims”? seriously? Puritans, sure. But more like refugees than pilgrims!)

  5. Ron says:

    70% will celebrate Thanksgiving even though they are Pagan? WOW!! That goes to show how much Christianity/the mainstream established holidays still have a hold over people. I choose not to celebrate any holiday(s) at all.

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