Paganistan Weekly; November 22-28

Hopefully you enjoyed a blessed full moon. The next full moon will also be Yule, so that should be a very interesting evening. People are already scheduling events, and making plans.

Geek Partnership has a community center. It’s been open for a while, but it’s been difficult getting information about it because the people in charge of it are kind of geeky. But it’s there! 1121 Jackson St NE, Suite 106, Minneapolis, MN 55413 Let’s face it, a whole lot of people reading this are geeky so a geek community center is very relevant.

About once a month, a recipient of the Paganistan newsletter accuses the newsletter of spamming them. The newsletter goes out to about 3000 people, so it’s a fairly low percentage, however it’s still good to clear this up. Most of the complaints come from Facebook where this newsletter is sent out to the members of the Twin Cities Pagans group. The description of the group says, “This group is the primary distribution point for Paganistan Weekly, the local newsletter for the Twin Cities Pagan community. Every week the members of this group are kept in the loop about local Pagan events and news.” This is not unsolicited spam. This is a service.



MONDAY; November 22

  • 6pm weekly Community Potluck at the Sacred Paths
  • 7pm Mindful Mondays (meditation) mvanavery@yahoo. com for details


TUESDAY; November 23

WEDNESDAY; November 24

  • 6:30pm Minnesota Heathens Moot at 42 Avenue Station
  • 10pm Drum Jam at Twisted Groove


THURSDAY; November 25


FRIDAY; November 26


SATURDAY; November 27


SUNDAY; November 28

  • 2pm Pagan Kids-n-Kin at the Sacred Paths
  • 2:30pm The Archetypes of the Slow Planets in Evolutionary Astrology at Uptown Lunds Community Room;



** READERS and HEALERS at the local metaphysical shops **

Eye of Horus: call 612-872-1292 for reservations. $2.00 per minute
Monday: 3pm-9pm; Psychic Readings & Dream Interpretation by Christine Schroeder
11:30am-3:30pm; Tarot by Barbara Moore
Tuesday: 11am-1pm; Palmistry by Katie Clapham
1pm-7pm; Personal Coaching by Beth Wallace
3pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Chuck Boe, M.A.
Wednesday: 1pm-9pm; Psychic Readings & Dream Interpretation by Christine Schroeder
1pm-5pm; Tarot by Corrine Kenner
5:30pm-9pm; Tarot & Faery Oracle Readings by Beth Hansen-Buth
Thursday: 1pm-5pm; Tarot Readings by Chuck Boe, M.A.
5pm-9pm; Psychic Readings & Dream Interpretation by Christine Schroeder
5pm-9pm; Tarot by Barbara Moore
Friday: 1pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Chuck Boe, M.A.
Saturday: 1pm-5pm; Intuitive Tarot with Amanda Horton
5pm-9pm; Tarot by Corrine Kenner
6pm-8pm; Palmistry & Numerology by Jean Robert LeMarchand
Sunday: 1pm-5pm; Intuitive Tarot with Amanda Horton
Call to Schedule: Reiki Healing by Chuck Boe, M.A.
Shamanic Healing by Amanda Horton
Tarot & Theban Rune Readings by Thraicie Hawkner

Magus Books & Herbs: call 612-379-7669 for reservations. $1 per minute
Monday: 2pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Gretchen
Tuesday: 11am-9pm; Tarot Readings by Melanie
5pm-9pm; Palmistry by Heather
Wednesday: 6pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Lori
Thursday: 6pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Lori
Friday: 2pm-9pm; Tarot Readings by Gretchen
Saturday: 11am-6pm; Tarot Readings by Gretchen
Sunday: 2pm-5pm; Tarot Readings by Chris
Call to Schedule: Shiatsu Massage by Mela
Herbal Consults by Liz

Sacred Paths Center: call 651-644-3727 for reservations. All practitioners available primarily by appointment.
Blue Dragon Chinese Medicine, with a licensed acupuncturist.
Massage by Cindy
Tarot by Nell Morningstar
Tarot by Teisha
Faerie Readings and Energy Healing by Amy Purdes
Tuesday: 6:30pm-9pm; Reiki Healing Clinic with Laughing Reiki
Friday: 10am-4pm; CrownRoot Wholistic Wellness. Or by appointment

Shadow Lights Minnesota: call 952-261-8784 for reservations.
Wednesday: 1pm-5pm; Tarot Readings by Annie

If you are a local reader or healer and would like to be added to this list, please contact us.

For more detailed information (addresses, descriptions, etc.) or further updates, check out the much ballyhooed Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group: