Glamping, Pagan Spirit Gathering style

When you’re camping for a week or longer, bringing a few creature comforts is not a bad idea.  A blow up mattress, a folding table, perhaps even a coffee pot.  You think you’re camping in luxury until you notice the camp next to yours.  An oven?  A chandelier?  Air conditioning?    Those people know how to glamp (glamorous camping) at a Pagan festival.  Here’s a slideshow of some of the very best camps and glamping ideas from 2012’s Pagan Spirit Gathering.

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Keep this article bookmarked to use for ideas for your next Pagan (or non-Pagan) camping trip.


2 thoughts on “Glamping, Pagan Spirit Gathering style

  1. Jilly-bear says:

    woo Hoo!! I made the glamping article for a second year! 🙂 Yes, the oven is awesome! We made chocolate chip cookies one day!

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