Amateurs show off talent at PSG

The talent show at Pagan Spirit Gathering is an opportunity for amateur singers, storytellers, and poets to perform.  It’s an opportunity for the audience to discover hidden depths in their fellow attendees.

The show took just over an hour and was watched by just under 200 people.  As performers waited their turn some silently rehearsed, others paced nervously, and a few appeared more at ease, joking with those around them.  As most performers exited the stage to appreciative cheers they wore smiles.  One young guitarist said, “That was such a rush. I can’t wait to do something like that again.”

Popular musician Arthur Hinds coordinated and MCed the show since Ed Francis, who’s done the honors for years, was experiencing medical issues.  “I love watching people embrace their own creative spark and over come the fear that is holding them back,” said Hinds, “It is something that everyone should do and I find that quest extremely attractive. Of course, I also enjoy performing art in general, and there is always plenty of good stuff. I thought that this year were quite a few real gems, some of them surprising ones.”

Below is a sampling of the 2012 PSG Talent Show.

Talent shows have become popular events at various Pagan festival including Sacred Harvest Festival which starts on Monday and is located near Geneva, Minnesota.

Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) is one of America’s oldest and largest Nature Spirituality festivals and is sponsored by Circle Sanctuary.  Started in 1980, PSG has been held in locations in Wisconsin, Missouri, and lately in Illinois.