Glamping, Pagan Spirit Gathering style

When you’re camping for a week or longer, bringing a few creature comforts is not a bad idea.  A blow up mattress, a folding table, perhaps even a coffee pot.  You think you’re camping in luxury until you notice the camp next to yours.  An oven?  A chandelier?  Air conditioning?    Those people know how to glamp (glamorous camping) at a Pagan festival.  Here’s a slideshow of some of the very best camps and glamping ideas from 2012’s Pagan Spirit Gathering.

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Keep this article bookmarked to use for ideas for your next Pagan (or non-Pagan) camping trip.


PSG2011 – Parade of Homes

The summer Pagan festival season is almost over, but we have a few more stories to share with our readers while you clean your gear and start planning for next year.

If you’ve never been to a outdoor camping festival, you may be surprised by how comfortable and fun some of the campsites are. At Pagan Spirit Gathering 2011, one of America’s largest and oldest Pagan festivals, attendees go all out to make their campsite unique. Finding a full bar, a queen size bed like what you have in your bedroom at home, an attached Hoodoo temple, and stocked baby nursery is not unusual. PNC-Minnesota was no slouch in ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) in the Media Camp at PSG. We brought lime green leopard print curtains and a plant for decor’. Not to mention enough tech gear to land on the moon.