Sacred Spaces – Celtic Temple: Challenges and Construction

Many Pagan groups share the dream of building some type of sacred space.  A temple, a community center, a permanent altar.  It remains a dream because they lack the information, skills, and experience to bring it into reality.  Yet other groups have accomplished what can seem, at times, impossible.  They have learned how to raise funds, deal with city inspectors, and overcome challenges that stymie most groups who attempt these ambitious projects.   In this series, PNC talks with groups who have successfully created their own Sacred Spaces.

In part one of our interview with Temple of the River, Priest Drew Jacob discussed why his group decided to build a dedicated temple and how they ensured their building would be in compliance with city regulations. In part two, Mr. Jacob talks about temple construction and the challenges faced.

In part three of our interview, Drew Jacob walks us through how Temple of the River was financed and gives tips on how you can fund a temple or project of your own. Part one can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces – Celtic Temple: Challenges and Construction

  1. sonya miller says:

    I am curious as does Mr. Jacob live in this place also? He has not been clear about this yet, if so this is like many pagan organizations where the Highpriest or Highpriestess live in the Temple yet open it up regularly to the community.

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