SPC Annual Meeting – Elections and Bread and Brew

New SPC Board Members - photos by Jenna Touchette

The first Sacred Path Center (SPC)  board of director’s election took place Sat, Feb. 12th.
The SPC board had four open positions  up for election. The five candidates were Ci Benson, Jim Mosser, Mary Oczak, John Stitely and CJ Stone.

The newly elected board members are: Ci Benson, Jim Mosser, Mary Oczak, and CJ Stone.

SPC Board of Directors for 2011

Board of Directors for 2011: Keith Vorderbruggen, Mark Digatano, Cindy Miller, George Edgar, Carol Haselmann, Mary Oczak, Jim Mosser, CJ Stone, Ci Benso, and Teisha Magee

Keith Vorderbruggen

Keith Vorderbruggen addressed the meeting,

“The first board of directors election was held by the members of The Sacred Paths Center. One incumbent was re-elected and three new members became directors.

The injection of new directors brings fresh ideas to our community center and we look forward to great things.

The Sacred Paths Center continues to incorporate ideas of its members and this election demonstrates that the members truly have power in their voice.”

— Keith Vorderbruggen, Vice Chair, Board of Directors SPC

A large donation was made to the SPC:

“I am elated we were able to present the SPC with such a substantial contribution. The mission of the Earth House Project of MN and that of the SPC run parallel and we are pleased to work hand-in-hand with them to support the community. It is my hope that our Midsummer Gather this year will allow us the make an even larger contribution next year!”

— Neva Banaei. Vice Chair, Earth House Project of MN & Gather Chair

Teisha Magee

“First, thank you so much to Earth House for the generous donation to SPC. We are so grateful to their continuing support.

I am also very excited to welcome our new board members and look forward to a very productive year.”

–Teisha Magee, Executive Director

Also happening at SPC later that day… The Bread and Brew!

All photos by Jenna Touchette

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