Pantheacon 2011 Walking The Talk, PNC-MN on the Road

The editors of PNC-Minnesota, Cara Schulz and I, are going on the road! In San Jose, CA. one of the country’s largest indoor Pagan conferences takes place, Pantheacon.  Sponsored by the Ancient Ways bookstore in Oakland, it has warmed even California winters for seventeen years with lively workshops and rituals, timely authors, and a who’s who of the Pagan community.  We are attending both in support of the launch of the national Pagan Newswire Collective website, and to offer our insights into starting a local bureau.

The Theme this year will be  -Walking The Talk —  Our pagan ethics and worship of our Earth Mother help us forge new sustainable lifestyles as we honor the old ways. What we know about the old ways of life, others now acknowledge as new imperatives to be custodians of our earth. What are we doing individually and as groups to take our vision of Earth Centered Spiritually out into the world? What skills and visions, found in our traditions, are especially needed for the future?

The theme is a timely  nationally and locally. Are we ready to walk the talk?  The Pantheacon programming is packed into four intense days.  We will be aiding the national PNC presentation, and working our meet and greet  event Saturday night. More than all the great information and workshops presented is the opportunity to meet and maybe interview some of the nation’s Pagan notables,.. and network, network, network!

Just peruse the schedule, and if you don’t know the presenters are now, you probably will!  It will be frantic to report from the conference, but keep your ears open for event reports ! If you are traveling to Pantheacon,  send a message to the bureau, or connect with us out in San Jose!