Community Notes; February 21-27

Local community grandfather Ken Ra got a new kidney this week donated by a local Pagan. We wish them each many years of good health.

UMPA’s 4th Anniversary Bash is next Saturday at the Sacred Paths Center. If you are a Pagan in the Upper Midwest, then you are extremely qualified to attend. They are planning a wonderful celebration, and these are people who know how to throw celebrations. Really, I’ve been to their celebrations before, and they do it right.

Nationally known author and lecturer, Orion Foxwood, will be presenting the workshop Path of the Faery Seer at the Eye of Horus this Saturday & Sunday. They’re flying him in just for this.

PNC Minnesota is doing a series on local sacred spaces. They are beginning by interviewing Drew Jacob from Temple of the River. You can read the first two parts at: &

Local tarot expert extraordinaire and completely fabulous person, Barbara Moore ( is working on another new tarot deck. This one is steam punk themed. You can see hints of the progress at:

Paganicon’s registration deadline is March 4. there’s a schedule of events posted which really gives you a sense of how fulfilling this event is going to be: They have to order food for the event and finalize plans, so they need to know how many people are going to attend. Be sure to register.