MN Gov. Race Polls – Pagan vs General Population

Two weeks ago PNC-Minnesota posted a poll and invited Pagans to cast their vote for the next Governor of Minnesota.  Before we reveal the results, let’s look at how the candidates are doing when the general voting population of Minnesota is consulted.

According to Real Clear Politics, Mark Dayton (D) is in the lead, but by a slim margin.  RCP averages several polls together to arrive at a composite score.  They currently have Dayton at 39%, Emmer (R) at 34%, and Horner (I) at just 15% – with 22% of of those questioned still undecided.  An interesting thing to note is that the two polls conducted by national pollsters have Emmer either ahead of Dayton or put the two candidates within the margin of error.  The two polls done local newspapers have Dayton ahead by 9 to 11 points.   The question becomes, is this race closer than the RCP composite or are the local newspaper polls correct that this is a runaway for Dayton?

Let’s turn now to the results from the (totally unscientific) PNC-Minnesota poll.

If Pagans were electing the next Governor of Minnesota Dayton wold easily win with an overwhelming 63% of the vote.  Tom Horner comes in next at 26%, Emmer at a paltry 7%, and Eno with 4%.

The preference for Democratic candidates seems to match the results of a similar survey done by The Witches’ Voice for the 2008 Presidential election.  Approximately 74% of those taking the survey voted for Obama, 11% voted for McCain,  7% voted ‘none of the above’, McKinney and Nader both garnered 3% of the Pagan vote, Barr came in at 2%, and Baldwin received less than 1%.

It remains to be seen how the actual election will turn out in Minnesota, but the PNC-Minnesota encourages all, Pagans and non-Pagans, to get registered and VOTE!