Community Notes; October 4-10

The Pagan Highway Clean-up is next Sunday, October 10 at 9:30am. Local Pagans will be gathering to clean two newly adopted miles of I-35. Sign up at: to get details. This is one of those things that makes me proud to live in Paganistan.

Many volunteers pitched in to paint the new location for the Eye of Horus, decorating it more metaphysicy. In less than a month they’ll be in their new location at 3012 Lyndale Ave. S. Until then, please continue to support them at their old location, as well as supporting other local Pagan businesses.

Another blurb from Paganistan’s very own Mark Digatono’s write-in campaign for Congress; “Republicans and Democrats have screwed up this country enough. Vote for me and let me screw up for a while!” (Paganistan Weekly and the PNC does not endorse any candidate, but this is just classic)