Area Pagan Launches Bid for Congress

Popular Pagan musician announces his write in candidacy for Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional district.  Says the two candidates currently running are too partisan.

Mark Digatono, usually known more for his music than his politics, has thrown his hat into the ring for Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional district.  This is the district of Incumbent Congressperson Michelle Bachman, who is being challenged by Democratic Candidate Legislator Tarryl Clark.  Digatono is unable to appear on the ballot and so must run as a write in candidate.  He says he is running to give voters a wider choice of candidates, “Along with the Governors Race I believe both candidates are not viable choices. Both are too entrenched in the Status Quo of partisan politics.”

Digatono released his non-partisan platform that he will pursue if elected:

  • I Believe Schools should be Palaces, Children have been handed the short shrift with the policy of “No Child left behind” and think it is more an issue that No child is left one dime for education.
  • I Believe that issues like Gay Marriage, Gun Control and Abortion are smoke screens that divert intelligent discussion away from the Real Issues which are Jobs, Education, and Health Care.
  • I Believe that First Amendment Freedoms are paramount to the Vitality of Minnesota and our Nation.
  • I Believe that the Issue of Gay Marriage is a non issue and that the State has no grounds to Deny that a Civil Union be legally recognized.
  • I Believe Law Enforcement Should focus on criminals who commit crimes with Guns not that we need more Laws to make Legal Gun Owners criminals.
  • I Believe that Abortion is a medical choice Women should be free to make. I support no legislation that would inhibit a Womans right to choose.

The Digatono campaign slogan might be unconventional, but it appeared to appeal to some in the Pagan community:  Any Idiot can serve in Congress, write in my name Mark Digatono and I will prove it.

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  1. Nick Ritter says:

    Well there’s an interesting wrinkle for me to pay attention to; I’m in the 6th district. Does Mr. Digatono have a website or something for his campaign?

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