Summerland Spirit Festival Arrives by Storm

image use with permission/Todd Berntson

Summerland Spirit Festival (SSF) received its initiation by storm when a flash flood on the eigth day of the nine day festival washed out a footbridge and, for a short time, trapped ten attendees. The campers escaped by creating a rope system that allowed them to reach the rest of the camp safely. No one was injured. Festival president Todd Berntson commented, “It was like something from CNN. Quite literally, there was a river that was flowing through our campground. It was surreal. In some spots, it was five feet deep and rushing quickly. Very dangerous.”

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Area Pagan Launches Bid for Congress

Popular Pagan musician announces his write in candidacy for Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional district.  Says the two candidates currently running are too partisan.

Mark Digatono, usually known more for his music than his politics, has thrown his hat into the ring for Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional district.  This is the district of Incumbent Congressperson Michelle Bachman, who is being challenged by Democratic Candidate Legislator Tarryl Clark.  Digatono is unable to appear on the ballot and so must run as a write in candidate.  He says he is running to give voters a wider choice of candidates, “Along with the Governors Race I believe both candidates are not viable choices. Both are too entrenched in the Status Quo of partisan politics.”

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