Happy Birthday PNC-MN! – Editorial

The Pagan Newswire Collective – Minnesota Bureau is one year old! Evolving from a meeting at PSG with Jason Pitzl-Waters, and consultations with a local group who had also sent a proposal for a Minnesota bureau, this bureau posted “Community Notes”  from TCPagans on July 28th, 2010. How the PNC idea had gotten to this point is another whole story, but for us who formed this bureau; Heather Biedermann, Cara Schulz, and myself, Nels Linde, it was the start of an ambitious project.

What is this bureau?

The vision we acted upon was of a blog based information source for our community. The concept of ‘news’ is a hard one to define. Is it ‘Dog bites Pagan’, “Pagan bites Dog’, ‘What Pagans think about Dogs’, ‘Pagan wins at Dog Show’, ‘Pagan buys Dog’, ‘Dog bites Pagan in Detroit’, or ‘Pagan bites Pagan’? Well, we believe it is all of these topics and more. Our concept is to cover whatever seems to be the demonstrated interest, issues, and news we find in our community, and also to stretch that interest. As volunteers, with limits on our time, resources, and local experience, our content will also reflect our personal interest (I may have not written about Pagans hunting, if I didn’t hunt). As much as we are defining who and what we are, we also realize the idea of a local information source is ‘news’ to you, our readers. We know that your expectations may not match with our vision, and pay scale (we are all volunteers and have funded the costs, and time involved, in our reporting out of our pockets). We expect as we all grow and learn, these inequities in understanding will be resolved. Continue reading

Recall Petitions – Resolution Efforts in WI 10th District

Local Resolutions of support for Wisconsin worker rights, and petition efforts for the recall of  Sheila Harsdorf, Wi. 10th Senate District Republican Senator are taking place across the district. The 10th District (map) runs from Burnett county in the North, to Pierce county in the South, and extends along the I94 corridor to Menomonie.  This includes towns; Grantsburg, Frederick, Luck,  St. Croix Falls, Amery, New Richmond, Clear Lake, Hudson, River Falls, Prescott, Baldwin, and Ellsworth.

Events are listed and information about aiding these efforts through recallharsdorf.com, and the AFT – Wisconsin, local coordinator:

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30-40k Keep Pressure on Wisconsin Governor – Editorial

View from Speakers Podium

I had no idea what to expect at the Madison Capitol square on  Saturday.  There was so little Twin Cities media coverage after last weeks massive rally that I thought protests might all be over.  Wrong!   Somehow ‘only’ 30 -40k citizens converging on the State Capitol in brisk winter conditions to  speak out against Governor Scott Walker’s plan to curtail collective bargaining  has become ‘ordinary’, and not significantly newsworthy.

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Every out-state protester, marching with a sign identifying their home town, got a cheer from the sidewalk.  Continue reading

Sacred Temple Violated in Wisconsin – Editorial

I am a resident of Wisconsin, have been for 35 years now. I am 230 miles from the state capitol building in Madison, but I have spent a lot of time there. I used to exhibit at Art on the Square, and found it a magnificent place to find cool summer comfort and relief, and explore the history of my adopted state.

This building is an inspirational symbol,  is  a National Historic Landmark since 2001, and  has been systematically restored to its 1917 appearance over the last thirty years, inside and out. It is such a source of pride in WI, that a 1990 state law prevents any building within one mile of the capitol from being taller than the base of the columns surrounding and supporting its dome. It can be seen for many miles. Continue reading

Community Notes; February 21-27


Local community grandfather Ken Ra got a new kidney this week donated by a local Pagan. We wish them each many years of good health.

UMPA’s 4th Anniversary Bash is next Saturday at the Sacred Paths Center. If you are a Pagan in the Upper Midwest, then you are extremely qualified to attend. They are planning a wonderful celebration, and these are people who know how to throw celebrations. Really, I’ve been to their celebrations before, and they do it right. http://www.umpaganalliance.com/schedule.shtml

Nationally known author and lecturer, Orion Foxwood, will be presenting the workshop Path of the Faery Seer at the Eye of Horus this Saturday & Sunday. They’re flying him in just for this. http://shop.eyeofhorus.biz/Faery-Seer-Module-1-p/cls-fs1.htm

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