We are blessed – Holiday Poem

After ten days of connecting with friends, relations, and chosen family…

We are blessed

 by Sam Dodge

elbows, hips, shoulders, smiles
eyes meet eyes meet eyes
stocking feet and kitchen clatterWINTER
pour the wine and share a story
little ones explore the floor
in leggy forests

slow tides of fond embraces
adrift on warming estuaries
room to room
we glide as lazy waves

tonight there are no storms
no bitter winds to scour the faces
hands linger, clasped in hands
in gentle joy
without possession
cheeks brushing cheeks
soft, unexpectant energy

the hearth is down to embers
our heart fires glow and leap
our intimate proximity
is nourishment and heat

we pass the plates
we take from each
appreciation feeds each one in grace
in this dream of now
we are the pool
in which we swim

O loves, I know
when we all dance this way
we are one soul

Sam Dodge