Eostre’s Kiss – Poem by Sam Dodge



flood coming
worms drunk in puddles
sun cusp stuck under thunder
bugs huddled in bubbles
ducks plunging swollen runnels
come, love
let’s shove on rubber boots
stumble, trudge and run
galumphing through slush

snow was going slowly
cold overlord
holding down the posies
now it’s flowing
little frozen boats
corroding and imploding
we hop from floe to floe

riding ice islands
childishly smiling
might be we’ll get chilly
it isn’t in our minds
silly sprites, we spiral
inspiring in this icy idyll
sighting birds and singing
high as spring kites

every sense is effervescent
smelling earthy treasures
dense scent of sweet ferment

dead weeds and wet leaves
let’s eat of Eostre’s essence
fecund, swelling
heady feelings
melting into everything
pealing bells

awash in April ardor
casting away dark angst
hearts all in a rapture
laughing, dancing, chanting
hand in hand and arm in arm
rapt and wrapped in all
laying in damp grass
a’tingle, passion saturated
at last, at last, at last!

Fecund, frolicking love,


We are blessed – Holiday Poem

After ten days of connecting with friends, relations, and chosen family…

We are blessed

 by Sam Dodge

elbows, hips, shoulders, smiles
eyes meet eyes meet eyes
stocking feet and kitchen clatterWINTER
pour the wine and share a story
little ones explore the floor
in leggy forests

slow tides of fond embraces
adrift on warming estuaries
room to room
we glide as lazy waves

tonight there are no storms
no bitter winds to scour the faces
hands linger, clasped in hands
in gentle joy
without possession
cheeks brushing cheeks
soft, unexpectant energy

the hearth is down to embers
our heart fires glow and leap
our intimate proximity
is nourishment and heat

we pass the plates
we take from each
appreciation feeds each one in grace
in this dream of now
we are the pool
in which we swim

O loves, I know
when we all dance this way
we are one soul

Sam Dodge