Paganistan Weekly; November 5-11

Tuesday November 6 is Election Day. Please vote. Many elections are very close in Minnesota, so every vote really does matter.

Coven of the Standing Stones begins a series of seeker classes this Friday at Magus Books & Herbs. If you would like an excellent introduction to Wicca, be there before 6:30pm. To stay updated about events at Magus, you can sign up for their newsletter at

Eye of the Boar Coven will be conducting their monthly healing circle in the newly decorated permanent ritual space at the Eye of Horus this Saturday at 7pm. To stay updated about events at the Eye of Horus, you can sign up for their newsletter at

This Yule, there will be an extremely powerful and serious event in the Eye of Horus ritual space. On the longest night of the year, from midnight to sunrise, there will be a fire circle vigil. This will be 8 hours dedicated to intentional transformation with dancing, drumming, rattling, singing, meditating and more. Learn more at

This Yule also marks the end of my publishing of this newsletter. Most of the information in this newsletter comes from the TwinCitiesPagans Yahoo group. Nearly seven hundred people have joined the Yahoo group and will continue to be informed about local Pagan events. If you have not yet joined, and want to stay informed, please join at