Video: Coming Soon to Paganistan – Pagan Living TV

On Saturday September 16th, PaganLivingTV will host a dinner and bonfire fundraiser in Coon Rapids. Requested minimum donation is $25. Registration is available online through the PaganLivingTV website.

PaganLivingTV is very much in its start-up phase. Bernston states in this video that programming will not be available until January; volunteers are now training to use the equipment. At this time what programming will contain is unknown.

Note from Diana: this was filmed on a Flip camera. Editing did not work – probably because this reporter is really out of practice. Apologies.

One thought on “Video: Coming Soon to Paganistan – Pagan Living TV

  1. SchaOn says:

    PaganLiving TV is now live (as of January 5, 2013). They have 2 shows aired as of today (1/13/13). You can find both of them on their website (link in above post)

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