Paganistan Weekly; July 2-8

An American fire holiday celebrated with the launching of explosives into the air, and the grilling of meat, will take place Wednesday. Happy Independence Day.

Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise is almost here, July 12-15; This event is one of the most profound growth experiences offered in the Twin Cities, and very reasonably priced for a multi day event with meals included.

Sacred Harvest Festival is almost here. SHF is the oldest, largest, and most family friendly Pagan festival in Minnesota. This is Paganistan’s premier Pagan festival. August 6-12;

One thought on “Paganistan Weekly; July 2-8

  1. Todd Berntson says:

    And as is always intentionally omitted by the Twin Cities Pagans,

    Summerland Spirit Festival is almost here, July 14-22;

    Summerland Spirit Festival is now in its second year and is shaping up to be an incredible experience. Guest speakers include the amazing Macha NightMare, who will be presenting several keynote workshops during the festival. Musical guests include Brian Henke and Murphy’s Midnight Rounders who just performed at Heartland. Registrations for this year’s festival have grown dramatically since last year. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

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