Paganistan Weekly; June 25-July 1

Summer is now officially here, and already it seems like the summer is flying by. Many wonderful events that are quickly coming up.

July 1-6; Faerie Spirit Gathering:

July 5;  Wendy Rule & Kari Tauring concert:

July 5-8; Convergence:

July 12-15; Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise:

July 14-22; Summerland Spirit Festival:

August 3-5; Diversicon:

August 6-12; Sacred Harvest Festival:

August 18- September 30; Minnesota Renaissance Festival:

August 23 – September 3; Minnesota State Fair:

September 8; Twin Cities Pagan Pride:

The much sought after Tempest will be presenting a Movement in Ritual Workshop at the Eye of Horus June 26; July 3 at the Eye of Horus there will be a Ritual Music Meditation Workshop with Wendy Rule;

Sorry about the lack of a Paganistan Weekly last week. The Yahoo calendar was down for 12 days, and that supplies the source material for this newsletter. It was a major inconvenience, but in the more than a decade that I’ve been using Yahoo groups, that was the first real inconvenience. I don’t know of anywhere else in the cloud with that good a track record. Even with the calendar down, somehow announcements of events continued to be posted, so people on the group continued to be aware of the wonderful events taking place in Paganistan. If you want to stay in the loop, you can join at

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