Paganistan Weekly; May 28-June 3

Memorial Day there will be a special ceremony to honor Pagan soldiers at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis. To help find the servises, you can find maps to the grave sites: Jason Schumann (Section T, Site 3677) and Daniel Ernest Schrankler (Section MemD Site 123) . Learn more at

The ancestor shrine and library which had been hosted at the Sacred Paths Center have now been moved to Keys of Paradise. You can read about it at

Many of us are very excited about the June 5th Transit of Venus across the sun. It is very rare and will not happen again in our lifetimes. There will be a gathering 6:30pm at Powderhorn Park.

The Eye of Horus is sponsoring two upcoming concerts. Sharon Knight June 22 at The Eye of Horus Wendy Rule July 5 at Patrick’s Cabaret with special guest Kari Tauring Wendy Rule will also be teaching a workshop at the Eye of Horus July 3

The Eye of Horus will also be celebrating International Fairy Day, June 24, with a tea from 5-7pm, and special prizes for people who join the festivities in appropriate costume.

This Friday is the one day per year when people can actually go up Witch’s Hat Tower.
Annually on the first Friday evening after Memorial Day Weekend, is the only day of the year that the Tower Observation deck is open to the public.

Tony Burroughs Law of Agreement book tour will be in St. Paul on June 13 at the Como Lake Bed and Breakfast to talk about his latest book, and to host an Intenders Circle.

There will be another showing of the The Naked I: Wide Open, filled humorous, honest and true stories by transgender/gender non-conforming individuals and allies, exploring gender identity far beyond the land of “male” and “female”. There will be four performances: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – June 13-16 at 730pm at Intermedia Arts. Reserve tickets at

Camp Fire is coming, June 15-18 at Harmony Park. Check it out at

These newsletters aren’t very long, but they sure are full of information.