Essay Contest Gives Away Celtic Temple Library

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Temple of the River has closed its doors, but not before amassing a significant library. The temple’s book collection was built to help polytheists study Celtic religion and myth. The priest of the temple, Drew Jacob is now holding an essay contest to give away the entire library to one lucky winner.

Drew Jacob, the “Rogue Priest” helped found Temple of the River in 2004 and directed the temple through its seven years of community service, including the construction of an Irish cottage building as its final worship space. “We want to see the books go to someone who will actually use them,” Jacob said. “Putting them in storage just seemed like a waste, when they could be out there in the hands of polytheists.”

The library includes a moderate collection of respected, high-quality books on Celtic Studies, Celtic lore and traditions, Indo-European religion, and related topics. A total of 41 books are included in the library.

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2012. Entries will be judged by Jacob and at least two others, including Humanistic Paganism editor B.T. Newberg. The panel expects to announce a winner by Imbolc 2012.

Contest details and a submission cover sheet can be found here.

Editor’s note:  the above article was submitted by Drew Jacob.

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