Community Notes; Nov28-Dec4

The library of the recently dissolved Temple of the River is now available to the winner of an essay contest. The library includes books on Celtic Studies, Celtic lore and traditions, Indo-European religion, and related topics Details are available here.

There are a couple events this week at Magus Books & Herbs being taught by their amazing herbalist Liz Johnson. The first is a class Tuesday night on digestion, and the next is Wednesday and begins a three year exploration of herbs. This is one of the most in depth herb classes available in the Twin Cities. If you have a chance, this is an opportunity to learn from an expert.

Many of you remember John Michael Greer from Paganicon last year. By all accounts, he was the best guest we could have ever hoped for, and people genuinely loved him. In just a couple months he’s coming back for a weekend intensive on ceremonial magic. This is an amazing opportunity.

Speaking of Paganicon, next year will be bigger and better, March 16-18. Check it out at and register at