Community Notes; June27-July3

Earth House Midsummer Gather was great. The camp ground was luxurious. The people were welcoming. The week was invigorating.

One wonderful camping event leads to the anticipation of another.

Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise; Thursday- Sunday, July 14-17;

Sacred Harvest Festival; August 6-14th registration rates go up on July 1st, so don’t wait to register. This is the largest Pagan gathering in Minnesota, or any state bordering Minnesota. It’s a well established festival which has changed the lives of countless people, and keeps getting better.

The Group/Seeker Meet & Greet is this Wednesday June 29! If you are looking for a group, or if you are a group looking for people, or if you’re a group and you want to network with other groups, or if you want to see a cross section of our fabulous community, this is the event for you. $10 per group, $2 per seeker, no reservations needed.

Magus Books & Herbs’ very own Roger Williamson has released a DVD entitled “How Deep Goes the Masque?” Read more about it at


Community Notes is reprinted courtesy of Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo Group.

8 thoughts on “Community Notes; June27-July3

  1. Patrick McHague says:

    Is that Summerlands festival still happening? It was in one of your other articles about a new festival but I don’t see it here. Is it missing in your list or did it happen already and I missed it?

  2. Rosemary says:

    The article, written in May, for Summerland Spirit Festival was beautifully done. Thank you, Cara.

    Only thing I wish I could’ve seen was that it remained listed in the weekly community notes with the link from the article ( or website link) or listed somewhere along with the other community events.

    It might take alot of work/research, but similar to header of Pagan Clergy, Pagan shops, & Reader/healers, how about a header of Pagan Festivals, which could list all the festivals around our nation or even internationally, their dates and registration deadlines?

    Granted Witchvox already does this, but this could be another source for people to come to, find what fits them, and get connected.

    • caraschulz says:

      I’m hopeful that someone attending the festival will be able to do a write of the festival for PNC-Minnesota. I will be in Texas watching my son graduate USAF Basic Training during that time.

      You’re idea of a tab listing the various festivals in the area is a good one and something to consider for the next festival season. Anytime you have suggestions on how PNC-Minnesota can better serve our community, please lay them on us!

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