Community Notes; June 6-12 is up! It’s not pretty, and there’s not much content, but it exists and it’s a start, and not bad for four days work in spare time. The mere existence of is noteworthy in and of itself. If you have suggestions, would like to offer content, or have web design experience and would like to help, please email

It appears that Wikipedia is not going to delete the Paganistan listing, but it will be renamed as Paganism in Minnesota. You can read the entire deletion discussion at and check out the much revised article at

There is a new addition to Paganistan. Miss Juniper was born at 1:37 pm Friday. Welcome to our community. We will make a place for you.

The TC Pagan Pride organizers met at Minnehaha Falls to map out the September 10 Pagan Pride Day celebration. There will be musical entertainment all day. They would love to have public rituals all day long, so if your group would like to host a ritual, please let them know at They are also looking for people to lead workshops on 101 topics, and volunteers are always the most wonderful people in the universe. There are lot of spaces for vendors and informational booths. So if you would like to vend or inform the public in Minnehaha Park on September 10, please sign up soon at:

Northern Folk Gathering is next weekend; June 10-12. Read more about it at

Earth House Midsummer Gather is just two weeks away, June 19-26:

There’s a whole lot happening this week. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to at least one of the events.

For more detailed information (addresses, descriptions, etc.) or further updates, check out the much ballyhooed Twin Cities Pagans Yahoo group: