NordCoG Beltane 2011

Beltane 2011: Earth’s Passion: A Rite of Spring
A Journey to the Otherworld

The Procession from Indian Mounds


LUNA tantalizes EARTH

“Welcome everyone to the Northern Dawn chapter of the Covenant of the Goddess’s celebration of Beltane for this 5th day of Hare Moon, in the year 34,255 Skystone Wiccan Reckon Calendar, that’s May 7th in the Christian year 2011. We all know that Samhain, Halloween is when the ancestors leave the Spirit World and join the living. In symmetry today we will journey to the Otherworld and visit them. We will hear the stories of their lives. We will journey into the woods and meadows of dreams. But first we honor the Ancient Chiefs.”

The Sun and Earth - The Birth of Life

EARTH quickened with SPRING MAIDEN

Red God, Green God

” …….It was their custom to join together each spring,  to renew once again the love and brotherhood between the two.  But time and natural growth is a powerful, unstoppable thing   What the boys did not see, their parents and all nature knew….. Soon they came together as strong young Gods, and a new kind of fire bloomed … ”

GREEN GOD teases

RED and GREEN together

Percussion support

Libation to the Gods and Procession to the Community Feast!

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