Community Notes: May 9-15

Hopefully you had a Happy Mother’s Day

The Twin Cities Pagan Pride organization has dates lined up for both of their upcoming events.

Twin Cities Pagan Pride celebration will be Saturday, September 10th, 2011, at Minnehaha Falls Park. This fits much better with the national Pagan Pride plan of having celebrations in public places with walk through traffic where they can serve as educational opportunities for the rest of the community. It’s also a venue with a really great stage for Pagan musicians, so there will be lots of great music.

Paganicon will be March 16-18, 2012. They’ve reserved a better section of the hotel, where all the events can be more conveniently located. They’ve also reserved ten suites for hospitality rooms. So anyone wanting a hospitality room should contact the organizers.

There’s now Paganistan merchandise. So far it’s just a postcard and a refrigerator magnet, but it’s a beginning. If you remember the request for pictures of Witch’s Hat Tower a while back, it was for this. The next merchandise will require a picture of a local Pagan potluck. If you have such a picture, please send it to All money raised will go toward building community.

Sacred Paths Center now has a Wikipedia entry. Please check it out, and improve it:

Lots of local Pagans have blogs. Here’s a few I know of. Please let me know if you’d like yours publicized:

There’s a lot of really cool stuff happening this week. Really, I was just looking at the calendar as I’m preparing this and I am just struck by all the wonderful opportunities that there are for Pagans in this community. This really is the greatest Pagan community. Please take some time to look through the events, and please go to at least one this week, because there’s just such wonderful events to choose from, and this is just a normal week in Paganistan.