TV Docu-Reality Looking For Pregnant Pagans

“I’m Pregnant And…” features expectant mothers facing medical challenges or part of unique lifestyles.

Sirens Media is producing a new season of the TV docu-reality series, “I’m Pregnant And…” which airs on the Discovery Fit & Health network. Topics covered in the series vary from medical conditions to alternative lifestyles or unique circumstances.  The reality show, in its second season, is a six-part series, and each 30-minute episode follows an expectant mom through her day-to-day routine while dealing with the ups and downs of pregnancy. For an upcoming episode, Sirens Media is looking for Pagan women who are currently 6-8 months pregnant.

Aundrea Posey, Associate Producer for the series, explains why the show is interested in highlighting a Pagan mother, “The idea of exploring the Pagan lifestyle came about in our research for unique and alternative lifestyles to explore. It has always been the series mission to explore pregnancy amongst both medical circumstances and cultural lifestyles that are considered compelling, unique or alternative. This is why we have a strong interest in getting to know more about a Pagan family and an expectant mother.” The show would film a total of 5-6 days over a 2-3 month period, and the expectant mother would be compensated monetarily for her time.

Posey says that I’m Pregnant And… is not interested in sensationalism or exploitation, “It is our goal to give a voice to a family who is interested in providing a glimpse into their lifestyle and the overall pregnancy experience. Delving into the facts and lifestyle practices of a modern Pagan family will surely provide a strong balance of interest amongst the excitement that pregnancy usually fosters.” Posey provided some of the questions she and Cindy Kittner, Producer for the show, hope to explore. How does witchcraft impact the pregnancy? Are there rituals or ceremonies that take place? Is it different to raise in infant in this religion vs. a mainstream religion?

Any expectant mothers who may be interested in learning more can e-mail Cindy Kittner at

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