Community Notes; March 28-April 3

Now that spring is officially here, it’s a wonderful time to look ahead to midsummer. The Earth House Midsummer Gather is gearing up to be bigger than ever. People keep describing the wonderful event and wonderful campground. This year, a lot of people are checking it out.

Christine Schroeder is one of the most sought after local psychics in our community, and will be doing a special Meet The Psychic event with Keys of Paradise, on April 2nd from 11am to 4pm.

This Friday morning there will be a unique alignment of atmospheric forces which will actually allow people to hear the crack of dawn. At some point between the beginning of twilight (6:25 am) and sunrise (6:54 am) if you are outside and listening, you should be able to hear the crack of dawn.

SPC is a promotional partner for an evening with Deepak Chopra, Monday April 11

Paganicon did not feel like the first year of an event. There were no major issues. The programming was top notch. The attendance was great. It was a fabulously successful event. It was a great first year. It would have been a great third year.

People from both coasts attended Paganicon. In talking to the organizers, I get the impression that, as great as this year was, it was just a learning experience to really make Paganicon truly amazing in the future. I am really looking forward to next year’s Paganicon.

Normally we think of the Midwest being about five years behind the coasts. That isn’t the case with the local Pagan community. Many of the innovations which are just the way we do things, are the things which eventually show up on the coasts that they see as cutting edge. Many of the topics discussed at Paganicon are so new and innovative that they are not yet in books. Looking around, there were many major players who are shaping the future of Paganism. One person commented that Paganicon was almost like a Pagan leadership conference.

The president of the organization’s water broke on the last day of the event. It’s too early for reports of babies conceived at Paganicon, but we know of one who’s birth began at Paganicon. Congratulations.

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  1. DaBroad says:

    How I wish I could have made it this weekend…but finances did not permit me to be able to. Perhaps next year…

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