Paganistan Weekly – Special Edition

This is the 100th edition of this newsletter. This doesn’t signify anything special. I just happened to notice and thought I’d share.

Hey, our community still has a very unique community center, and it hasn’t been getting nearly enough attention in this newsletter lately. So this section of the newsletter will be dedicated to all the wonderful events coming up at our local Pagan community center.

Sacred Paths Center
777 Raymond Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55114
phone: 651-644-3727

  • Every Monday there is a potluck at the SPC from 6-7pm. This is a chance for our community to gather over a meal, which is a true community building activity. Odd Mondays the potluck is followed by a shamanic journey practice group, or a writers group.
  • Every Tuesday from 7-9pm is Laughing Reiki Healing Clinic and Reiki Circle at the SPC.
  • Every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm there are Belly Dancing classes at the SPC. Come learn the fundamentals of Arabic Dance with an emphasis on American Tribal and Tribal Improvisational Belly dance.
  • Tarot 201 begins this Thursday evening at the Sacred Paths Center at 7 PM. There’s still room for more students if you’d like to join this empowering and enlightening class – Thursday night’s class starts with basic Kabbalah and elemental knowledge presents the students with an understanding of the numbered cards of the suits and insight into how the meanings of each card were derived.
  • Every Thursday at 7pm at the SPC, Mentoring Elders gather to discuss (non-elders are encouraged to join the discussions.) Every forth Thursday of the month, there’s a potluck.

There is so much more coming up at the SPC – click the jump for more events, concerts, and classes!

  • Friday, January 28 at 7pm, Julie Rust will be performing her Songs for the Soul Concert at the SPC. Tickets are only $10! Songs for the Soul is a concert series featuring world class performing songwriters who have dedicated their life’s work to the art of making music that is intentionally written to inspire, uplift, heal and enlighten.
  • Tuesday, February 1, at 7pm, there will be Wild Hunt Staving classes taught by Ro at the SPC. This staving group meets the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Also the first Tuesday of every month at the SPC there’s Living Astrology Chart Clinic from 7-9pm. The best way to really learn astrology is to talk in this language and look at case history after case history. Bring your own chart, questions, tough cases, or examples you’d like to share, or just come and listen. This is a great way to learn, refine your skills, or enjoy the company of astrologers.
  • Wednesday February 2 from 7-9pm is Coffee Cauldron. This is the continually longest running gathering in Paganistan, and was founded by the founders of the SPC. It meets the first and third Wednesdays every month. I have seen sleet snow and dark of night prevent mail delivery, but Pagans still gather for Coffee Cauldron.
  • SPC will host a Values and Boundaries Workshop Friday, February 25 and March 4 from 7-10pm. An ethical life of integrity is built on a foundation of Values and the ability to make choices based on those Values rather than from the emotion of the moment. Boundaries protect our values and our Selves from becoming trampled underfoot. In this six hour, two part workshop we’ll explore the difference between priorities and Values and come to a clear understanding of our own blend of integrity. We’ll discuss boundaries versus demands/ultimatums and learn how to keep one and avoid the other. If you’re passionate about personal responsibility and refuse to give into Doormatitis, this workshop will tickle your brain and feed your spirit.
  • Sunday, February 27, 10am-6pm SPC will host a Beyond 2012 Seminar about moving beyond the end of the Mayan calendar.
  • Celia will be performing in concert at the Sacred Paths Center May 21st. This red headed troubadour is extremely popular in our community, and her return is big news. Tickets are only $10! She created a special Facebook group for her return:
  • Of course, the healing center is available at the Sacred Paths Center with some of the community’s premier healers available for appointments. SPC also has readers available. Be sure to stop by 777 Raymond Ave. in Saint Paul and check out the services at our very own Pagan community center, call 651-644-3727 to set up an appointment and/or check for more information.

Wow, I knew there was a lot happening at the Sacred Paths Center, but now that I’ve gone through and listed it all, it really makes the point about why the SPC is so valuable to this community. It seems like there is always something going on that is valuable to Paganistan.