You asked, we answered

From time to time we’ve been asked just what is PNC-Minnesota, what do we cover, and how can people contribute.  We’d like to take a moment to answer a few questions.

What are we?  What do we cover? In addition to this, we are your hometown news source for the Pagan community.  We would like to eventually offer most everything you would normally find in your town’s newspaper and on tv.   This is a pretty tall order.  Even at the basic coverage we know provide, it is an extremely time intensive project handled by a few volunteers.  To do more, we need more people helping out.  As we get more people assisting, we can begin to expand our coverage.  To be frank, right now we have too few people trying to do too much.  We are missing stories because we can’t physically get to them.

How can you help? You could be a regular reporter.  Or a photographer.  Or you could send us a Letter to the Editor when the mood hits you.  Perhaps you have a story idea or editorial that you would like to write, but don’t want to do it regularly.  That’s fine.  If you are part of a group, contact us about what is happening in your group even if you think it may not be newsworthy or that big of a deal.  We would love to publish your wedding/handfasting announcement, or the birth of a child, a Wiccaning announcement, notice that you have been initiated or achieved your 3rd degree.

How else can you help? Tell us what you would like to see more of.  What else can we do?  What would you like to see?  Is there something that other news organizations do that you wish the PNC would do?  In other words, talk to us and help make the PNC-Minnesota a more valuable resource for you and the rest of our community.


You can contact us through the website, you can leave a comment, or you can email us directly at