Community Grandfather Seeks Kidney

After 42 years of practicing, Ken Ra has trained about 80 Wiccans, and there are about 300 of his lineage. He has continued to be a pillar of the community through personal adversity. Ken Ra has been a major player in making this one of the greatest Pagan communities in the world. To this day, despite his health problems, he continues to teach four classes a week; three in Wicca and one in Magesmithing, all are free.

Now, Ken Ra needs a new kidney, and you can help. Ken has signed on with the Paired Kidney Program through Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Kidney Transplant Unit. If he can get someone to donate a kidney, (whether it’s a match for him or not) then someone else in the program can get him a kidney. This will drastically reduce the wait, which is usually between 3 to 5 years. Ken needs a kidney sooner than that.

About two years ago Ken suffered heat stroke which damaged his kidneys. Since then he has suffered massive tiredness, lack of psychic energy and dialysis caused depression. He was a High Priest in Triskelion until he retired a year ago due to medical reasons. He goes in for dialysis three days a week for four hours each day which leaves him completely tired for the rest of the day. According to Ken, “Dialysis removes about a gallon of fluid from my blood each time I am in. I stand up and fall over from low blood pressure. I have hurt some tree roots doing that.”

According to the Abbott Northwestern website, “In living paired donation, there are 2 pairs of donors and recipients. In the first pair, donor 1 is not compatible with recipient 1. As well, donor 2 and recipient 2 are also incompatible. However, the good news is that donor 1 and recipient 2 are compatible and donor 2 is compatible with recipient 1. When this happens, the care team will conduct complete evaluations for a matched exchange with each pair and the surgeries are scheduled to take place at the same time. Learn more by visiting”

The decision to donate a kidney is very serious. In an interesting blog about someone donating a kidney, the person was asked “What if one of your kids needs a kidney?” He asnwered, ” I can’t justify not saving a life today because it might inhibit my ability to possibly save one in the future.”

Ken says that after getting a new kidney he will, “Work in my shop making magical tools and go to gatherings. Mostly feel like I am a human again and not a Zombie.”

If you are considering donating, please contact Ken at: