MMR Concert Friday Night

Guess who just moved back to the Twin Cities?

Guess who you can see in concert Friday night?

The answer to both questions is Murphey’s Midnight Rounders.  They are celebrating their return to the Twin Cities with a performance at the Sacred Paths Center Friday, October 15th, at starting at 7pm.   Tickets are $15 and are available at the Sacred Paths Center ahead of time or at the door on Friday evening.  The band will be playing some old favorites as well as some new songs from their latest release, I Am the Goddess.

The band also has a question for you:  can you translate “Ho, Lucia, Domi Adsum?”

If so, you could win I Am the Goddess.  You must be present at the concert to win and give your answer there when the band calls for it.  Teresa Frank, vocals and percussion for the group,  said there will only be one winner, so be ready!